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Welcome to Lightspeed DBM, your trusted provider of enterprise-level network infrastructure, security, and smart building solutions. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge technologies and tailored solutions to empower businesses to thrive in the digital era. Our experienced professionals combine industry expertise with innovative approaches to deliver reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. From micro data center infrastructure to fiber optic installation, low voltage/structured cabling, video surveillance, access controls, and fault-tolerant power, we offer end-to-end solutions for seamless connectivity, robust security, and optimal performance. At Lightspeed DBM, we are committed to customer satisfaction and building long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability, and exceptional service. Experience the difference with Lightspeed DBM and let us drive your business forward.

Our Solutions

Micro Data Center Infrastructure

At Lightspeed DBM, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge micro data center infrastructure solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our micro data centers are compact yet powerful, offering a comprehensive range of features to support your IT operations. With advanced cooling systems, redundant power supply, and scalable architecture, our micro data centers ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Designed for space-constrained environments, our micro data centers enable efficient deployment and management of critical IT resources. They provide seamless integration with existing infrastructure, empowering you to handle your data processing needs with ease. From high-density computing to secure storage, our micro data center infrastructure solutions guarantee robust performance, enhanced security, and maximum uptime for your business-critical operations.

Fiber Optic Installation, Testing, and Certification

Lightspeed DBM is your trusted partner for comprehensive fiber optic solutions. Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end fiber optic installation, testing, and certification services. We understand the importance of a reliable and high-speed network infrastructure, and our skilled technicians ensure the flawless installation of fiber optic cables.

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices to deliver superior results. We conduct rigorous testing and certification procedures to guarantee the performance, integrity, and compliance of your fiber optic network. With Lightspeed DBM, you can have confidence in the efficiency and stability of your network connectivity.

Whether you need fiber optic installations for data centers, office buildings, or industrial facilities, we offer tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements. Experience the benefits of fast and secure data transmission with our fiber optic solutions.

Low Voltage/Structured Cabling

Lightspeed DBM is a leading provider of low voltage and structured cabling solutions, enabling seamless connectivity for your business. We understand the critical role that reliable cabling infrastructure plays in supporting your network and communication systems. Our team of experts specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining high-quality low voltage and structured cabling solutions.

You can expect a meticulously planned and organized cabling infrastructure that optimizes performance and minimizes downtime. Our solutions adhere to industry standards, ensuring compatibility and scalability for future technology advancements. From data and voice cabling to audiovisual and multimedia systems, we deliver integrated solutions that meet your specific needs.

Experience enhanced network efficiency, improved data transfer speeds, and simplified infrastructure management with our low voltage and structured cabling solutions. Trust us to provide a solid foundation for your business’s connectivity needs.

Video Surveillance and Access Controls

At Lightspeed DBM, we offer comprehensive video surveillance and access control solutions to safeguard your premises and enhance security measures. Our state-of-the-art systems provide advanced monitoring capabilities, allowing you to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Our video surveillance solutions utilize high-definition cameras, intelligent analytics, and centralized management systems. With real-time monitoring and recording, you can actively deter threats and effectively respond to incidents. We design customized surveillance solutions tailored to your specific requirements, whether it’s for small businesses, large-scale facilities, or public spaces.

With our video surveillance and access control solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property, assets, and personnel are protected around the clock. Strengthen your security infrastructure with our reliable and cutting-edge solutions.

Fault-Tolerant Power

At Lightspeed DBM, we understand the critical importance of uninterrupted power supply for your business operations. Our fault-tolerant power solutions are designed to ensure continuous power availability, mitigating the risk of downtime and its associated costs.

Our fault-tolerant power systems incorporate redundant components and advanced failover mechanisms, guaranteeing seamless power transfer in the event of a failure. Whether it’s a power outage, equipment malfunction, or maintenance activities, our solutions provide a reliable and stable power source to keep your business running smoothly.

With our fault-tolerant power solutions, you can minimize the impact of power disruptions, protect your critical equipment, and maintain productivity even during unexpected events. Trust us to keep your business powered and operational at all times.

Fault-Tolerant Power


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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the advantage of using a micro data center infrastructure?

    A micro data center infrastructure offers a compact and efficient solution for businesses with limited space. It provides all the necessary features of a traditional data center, including cooling, power redundancy, and scalability, while optimizing footprint and operational costs.

    How does fiber optic installation benefit my business?

    Fiber optic installation offers numerous benefits, including high-speed and reliable data transmission, increased bandwidth capacity, and improved network performance. It allows for faster data transfers, seamless connectivity, and supports the growing demands of modern business applications and technologies.

    What is the importance of structured cabling in a network infrastructure?

    Structured cabling forms the foundation of a robust and organized network infrastructure. It ensures efficient and reliable connectivity between devices, supports data and voice transmissions, simplifies troubleshooting, and enables scalability for future network expansion.

    How can video surveillance and access controls enhance security?

    Video surveillance provides real-time monitoring and recording of activities, deterring potential threats and enabling quick response to incidents. Access controls, such as biometric authentication and card readers, restrict unauthorized access to sensitive areas, enhancing overall security measures and protecting your premises and assets.

    Why is fault-tolerant power crucial for business continuity?

    Fault-tolerant power systems ensure uninterrupted power supply, safeguarding businesses against power outages, equipment failures, and other disruptions. These systems offer redundant components and failover mechanisms, guaranteeing seamless power transfer and minimizing the risk of downtime and productivity losses.

    How can Lightspeed DBM help with network security?

    Lightspeed DBM provides comprehensive network security solutions, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and secure remote access. These solutions protect your network from cyber threats, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and systems.

    What are the benefits of integrating audiovisual systems in business environments?

    Integrating audiovisual systems enhances communication and collaboration within your organization. It improves presentations, meetings, and training sessions with features such as conference room setups, digital signage, video walls, and immersive audiovisual experiences, resulting in more engaging and impactful interactions.

    How do energy management solutions contribute to sustainability and cost reduction?

    Energy management solutions help optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and improve sustainability. By monitoring and analyzing energy consumption patterns, businesses can identify inefficiencies, implement energy-saving measures, and make informed decisions to lower operational expenses and minimize their environmental impact.